We are Looking for a Kick-Ass JavaScript Developer!


  • Experienced JavaScript developer with knowledge of Node.js and AngularJS
  • Position is full time, based in Vilnius, Lithuania or Minsk, Belarus
  • Awesome product, good salary and options in the company

TrackDuck is a tool for web development companies / freelancers to get feedback from clients or their website visitors. Founding team met in Garage48 hackathon in Minsk. Later we graduated from Startup Sauna accelerator in Helsinki, Finland and raised 200k Eur seed round from Kima Ventures and Practica Capital.

Old team photo:


If you wish to make a significant impact, learn a lot everyday, see how company is grown from early stage - then TrackDuck is YOUR company. Join us and shape the future of website development!

Send your resume to info@trackduck.com

Your responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing state of the art technology
  • Developing and optimizing our core architecture
  • Finding innovative solutions independently on a specific time-frame
  • Selection of technology, automation of our infrastructure with CTO

Our first office:


Your skills:

  • 3y. of programming under your belt
  • JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 expert
  • Knowledge of Node.js (Express, Socket.io), NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Experience using MVC frameworks on client side (AngularJS)
  • You’re a team player who likes working in a highly dynamic startup
  • Good English skills
  • Russian proficiency is a plus

TrackDuck is an award winning product:


What you get:

  • Quantum leap forward in one of the fastest growing and most exciting SaaS industries
  • Friendly working environment that is with super flat hierarchy
  • An embracing culture for new and cool technologies (Node.js, AngularJS, webRTC etc)
  • The opportunity to garner responsibility and make a significant impact, instead of being just another cog in a machine!
  • Competitive salary and options in the company

And we do know how to have fun:


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us and apply: info@trackduck.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

TrackDuck team


rememberin #tcbaltics ‘15 today - we’ve been putting the prize to very good use from the moment we got it ;D (at TrackDuck Vilnius office at Northtown Hub)

TrackDuck in Lithuanian News and Estonian “fantastic four”!

Hey, hope you are well and your web projects are going great!

You didn’t get any posts from us recently, as we have been super busy. However all the press and other mentions of TrackDuck calls for a public thanks to everyone who has supported us lately.


So as you may have heard, we raised a 200 Eur seed round from Kima Ventures and Practica Capital. Investment will take TrackDuck to a new level and make web design and development even easier for you. 

This event didn’t go unnoticed and a great article by Mike Butcher came out in TechCrunch. It got picked up by Venture Capital Post, GoalEurope and bunch of others (even in ChinaMandarin version). Thanks everyone for sharing and caring! 


TrackDuck was also in news in Lithuania:

and many others. Thanks to all for covering TrackDuck!


Probably the nicest to us was mention of TrackDuck in e-estonia website article about Garage48 hackathon graduates, where we were officially named as one of the Estonian “fantastic four”! This especially nice to us, because it adds to TrackDuck’s list of:

  1. Top 15 Lithuanian startups / 1st in LOGIN’13
  2. Top 15 startup from Belarus
  3. Top 20 in Finnish startup ranking (at least we were at some point)
  4. Garage48 “Highlights”,
  5. part of StartupSauna portfolio 

and so on. Since half of TrackDuck team is in Belarus and half in Lithuania (with help from colleagues in Ukraine, Singapore and other places) - we feel truly blessed with support, help and recognition. Thanks a lot again! 

Lets get back to work, kick ass and chew bubble gum.

Eddy and whole TrackDuck team

Thank you everyone for using TrackDuck and all the feedback! In case you missed it - here are just some of the recent improvements:

- feedback for designs without sign in
- updated comment management
- improved email notifications
- new feedback toolbar UI
- TrackDuck is faster and more reliable
- Russian and Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) languages
- Basecamp integration: TrackDuck was added to official 3rd party tools! Try it out now for FREE with your first project, which is also FREE!

Try TrackDuck now for free!

More new features and updates are soon to follow! Anything missing? Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for us!

If you didn’t get a subscription yet, do not hesitate - plans start as low as 9$/mo!

Thanks again and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!
Eddy, TrackDuck team


ineluctablemodalityofthevisible asked:

I have just joined track duck, i would like to get it to work in my web app. Ideally i would like to get the user that is logged in details



You can just specify additional attributes in TrackDuck script tag that you embed to your website like data-trackduck-custom-your_custom_data_key and see your_custom_data_key and it’s value in issue details:

Your embedded code will looks like:

data-trackduck-custom-your_first_custom_data_key=”some value”
data-trackduck-custom-your_second_custom_data_key=”some value”

Every additional parameter will start with “data-trackduck-custom-“

Another example, how we use it for binding our visitors custom data:

<script src=”https://tdcdn.blob.core.windows.net/toolbar/assets/prod/td.js”


TrackDuck, a Lithuanian visual feedback tool for websites and web development, just released a Mandarin version for its website in an attempt to explore Chinese market.


Today is excatly 1 year since Anton, Yauhen and I started working on TrackDuck in Minsk #Garage48 hackathon! #startups